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This location is not yet open, but we are accepting applications for employment.
Pizza Factory

Modesto, CA

Coming Soon - Apply Now!

Serving the best fresh and hot pizza in Modesto

Pizza Factory has been the heart of hometowns like Modesto for over 40 years, embracing the essence of community, hard work, and family-friendly dining. Our hand-tossed hot pizzas, proudly declaring "We Toss'em, They're Awesome," are the essence of every one of our local pizzeria’s.

Crafted with 100% real mozzarella and our signature sauce, each pizza is a flavorful masterpiece that stands as a testament to the hard work and attention to detail of our dedicated staff and owners. Is it the perfectly baked dough, the mouthwatering sauce, or the freshest toppings that make it the best pizza around?

Join us in Modesto and savor the hometown goodness that has defined us for decades!